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Current charter status: COVID 19 update

Brookings Fishing Charters continues to suspend its ocean charters until the social distancing mandates from the state of Oregon are relaxed. We are not running charters through mid-April, when we will re-evaluate the governor’s temporary closure on many businesses along the Oregon Coast. Currently, short-term lodging is not available. Motels and RV parks still open are now allowed to accept guests staying for less than 28 days. That is part of the state’s efforts to keep visitors from coming to the coast.

We are concerned about keeping our Oregon Coast communities safe during this social distancing period. So far, there have been no confirmed cased of coronavirus in Curry County. We are one of the few counties in Oregon without any cases so far. We also are deeply concerned about our crew, and other local businesses impacted by this. We will resume running charters as soon as possible.

Lingcod from a trip in late March aboard the Miss Brooke before we suspended charters because of social distancing mandates.

Ocean salmon seasons will be set next week by the Pacific Fishery Management Council. The season could open in mid-May, although there is word that could be delayed until June or even July. Halibut season will open May 1. We will run trips as the weather allows in May for Pacific halibut. The California halibut will start to show in mid- to late June. Last year, Brookings Fishing Charters was the only local charter company to consistently target Cali Hali.

Limits of lingcod caught in March before we temporarily suspended charters because of COVID-19.

We also were the only local charter to run multiple successful trips for albacore tuna. We will start those trips in June or early July, as the tuna get in closer. This is a popular trip, and we put a call list together to fill seats for it.

Lingcod and rockfish has been very good out of Brookings. During the social distancing, Capt. Andy, Capt. Mike and Capt. Rich have all taken family members fishing to fill their freezers as they await charters to resume. We expect lingcod and rockfish to continue to be good in April and May, when we start running again.

You can still book trips online. We prefer you use the online system for June and beyond. For dates in the near future, please call our booking office at (541) 813-1082.

Thank you for your patience as we get through this unprecedented time.

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