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Tuna arrive off of Brookings

(BROOKINGS, Ore. – Aug. 15, 2022) – Albacore tuna moved within 40 miles of the coast of Brookings in late July and early August, giving charter boats an opportunity to make the long run offshore and target the prized gamefish. The Brookings Fishing Charters fleet ran several tuna charters in early August, returning with coolers full of albacore.

In late July, the Miss Brooke with Capt. Michael was the first boat to successfully find tuna out of Brookings. Fishing was slow however, with just a single tuna, caught 45 miles from the harbor. It was the first confirmed tuna brought back to the dock.

In early August, the water temperature warmed above 60 degrees offshore, and bigger numbers of tuna moved in. The Miss Brooke, Kraken and Dash returned to the tuna grounds, and ran successful charters, with upwards of 40 tuna caught on some of the trips.

Capt. Michael holds the first albacore tuna of the season caught out of Brookings. It was reeled in by Dave Kuen aboard the Miss Brooke in late July.

Charter boats out of Brookings wait for calm ocean conditions with no wind to make the 30- to 50-mile run to the tuna grounds. They look for water temperatures between 59 and 62 degrees. The tuna are caught by trolling feather jigs or PLine Tuna Rippers at a high speed, sometimes in excess of 8 mph.

Anglers hold some of the tuna they caught in August aboard the Kraken with Capt. Sam.
Some of the tuna caught aboard the Dash with Capt. Mick in early August.
A nice haul of tuna aboard the Miss Brooke with Capt. Michael.

Brookings Fishing Charters maintains a call list for its tuna trips. When weather conditions line up, and water temperatures reach 60 degrees offshore, trips are put together at short notice. The window to target tuna out of Brookings is usually fairly small.

Board a six-pack charter under the light of the moon for a 4 a.m. departure is a special experience.
An amazing sunrise while headed to the tuna grounds out of Brookings.
Deckhand Eric with a pair of nice albacore tuna.
Capt. Mick holds an albacore tuna caught aboard the Dash.
Frequent Brookings Fishing Charters customer Mike C. with a tuna from the Miss Brooke.
More tuna from the Miss Brooke in early August 2022.
The real work begins once the boats return to the dock.

To book a tuna trip, or get on our call list, call (541) 813-1082. For more information on tuna charters, visit Albacore Tuna Fishing Charters | Brookings Fishing

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