Albacore Tuna Fishing Charters

Action can be fast and furious off coast of Brookings

Every summer, big schools of albacore tuna arrive off the Oregon Coast. When these prized fish move close enough to shore, charter boats from Brookings to Astoria are able to venture out and pursue these hard-fighting, great-tasting tuna. Albacore are known for their buttery, soft white flesh, and is excellent for sushi, sashimi, and nigiri, as well as grilled, deep fried or canned.

Sport anglers like albacore tuna because they are such hard fighters, and abundant enough to provide fish-after-fish action when they move within range of the charter fleet. Averaging 10 to 12 pounds, albacore to 30 pounds are common off the coast of Brookings. Schools can be hundred of miles offshore, but usually come within 50 miles of Brookings by mid- to late summer, and sometimes are caught within 15 miles of the harbor.

The captains of Brookings Fishing Charters use advanced satellite imagery to located the warmer water the tuna live in. The fast six-pack charter boats of Brookings Fishing Charters are able to quickly get to the tuna grounds, where the fish are caught on large jigs or plugs trolled at a high rate of speed. The bites are the most aggressive an angler will every see. When an albacore smashes a jig trolled at 8 knots, the rod buckles over and line screams from the oversized reels. Brookings Fishing Charters uses rods and reels to catch albacore, but also carries hand lines, which at times can lead to impressive numbers of fish.

Our captains know the importance of bleeding the tuna and keeping them ice cold. We carry large coolers of ice to cool the catch and preserve it before returning to the dock. Anglers will taste the difference of albacore tuna that has been well cared for by the crew.


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Our albacore trips include all bait and tackle and ice. Trips depart early in the day. Filleting is available. We fish from six-pack boats, with four to six customers on board. Ask about private charters.