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The Brookings Fishing Charters Story

For more than three decades, Capt. Andy Martin has been fishing the productive waters of the Southern Oregon Coast. He is one of the few year-round, full-time charter boat captains and sportfishing guides working out of the Port of Brookings. Growing up in Brookings, Oregon, Andy knows every rock and reef in the area, and has a lifetime of experience catching the fish that live there. Andy is proud to own and operate Brookings Fishing Charters in his hometown, providing access to saltwater fishing opportunities to thousands of sport anglers every year through one of the largest and fastest growing charter boat operations on the Oregon Coast. From its humble beginning as a single six-pack charter, Brookings Fishing Charters now features five custom-built, top-of-the-line six-pack charter boats, and a larger party boat for bigger groups. Brookings Fishing Charters also has a booking office and bait and tackle shop at the Port of Brookings.

From hard-fighting king salmon to ferocious lingcod to abundant black rockfish, fishing charters off the Brookings, Oregon coast often feature fast action and produce great table fare. The Port of Brookings is known as the safest ocean crossing on the Oregon Coast. Fish are also found within a short run from the harbor, often in water much calmer than the rest of the coast. Brookings Fishing Charters uses top-quality, light tackle. Anglers fish from fast, clean, comfortable boats. We specialize in small groups, and with much faster boats, are able to spend more time fishing and less time traveling to the most productive fishing grounds. Capt. Andy and his fellow Brookings Fishing Charters captains pride themselves on providing the ultimate guided fishing adventure. They works hard to not only get customers into limits of quality fish, but also makes sure each passenger has an enjoyable experience, often pointing out whales and other marine mammals, sea birds and unique features of the rugged Oregon coastline.

Brookings Fishing Charters has the largest fleet of six-pack charters on the Oregon Coast. The Miss Brooke, Kraken, Dash, Papa B and Bout Time are the among the newest, fastest charter boats on the coast. The heavy gauge aluminum boats are equipped with twin outboard motors. Each have enclosed cabins and were custom built to be charter boats on the Oregon Coast. The Nauti-Lady has a long history as a charter boat in Oregon and Washington, and although it can carry much larger groups, it generally fishes eight to 14 customers at a time.

Brookings Fishing Charters operates year round. From May through September, charters generally run every day. From October through April, trips are run as the weather allows. During the winter, Brookings Fishing Charters also offers guided river trips on the Chetco, Rogue and Smith rivers through


The Miss Brooke

brookings offshore boat

A custom 29-foot heavy-gauge aluminum offshore charter boat, the Miss Brooke was built specially for charter fishing out of Brookings. Named after Capt. Andy's daughter, Alexandra Brooke, the Miss Brooke was built identical to charter boats Andy used to operate in Alaska. It can fish up to six anglers with comfortable seating, a marine toilet, and an enclosed cabin. Powered by twin 150-horsepower Mercury outboards, it is one of the fastest charter boats in the fleet. The boat is equipped with a self-inflating life raft, radar and GPS, and other safety equipment. The Miss Brooke can reach speeds of 40 knots.

The Miss Brooke features the latest high-quality light tackle, with Penn spinning rods for rockfish, heavier Penn baitcasters for lingcod, and G.Loomis rods and Shimano Tekota reels for salmon trolling. The boat also is equipped with electric Scotty downriggers.

The Miss Brooke is one of the only six-pack charter boat in Brookings designed specifically for guided sportfishing. It is the same type of boat Andy operated as a charter boat in Alaska for nearly 10 years. The Miss Brooke is an efficient and effective fishing platform, it was engineered to be safe, stable and fast. Capt. Travis and Capt. Michael takes turns running the Miss Brooke, which has earned a reputation as being one of the top salmon and albacore charter boats on the Oregon Coast.



The 41-foot Nauti-Lady has a rich history fishing off the Oregon Coast. Previously home-ported in Ilwaco, Wash., at the mouth of the Columbia River, the Nauti-Lady was used to take customers fishing for salmon, halibut, tuna and bottom fish offshore of Astoria and Tillamook Head. Licensed to take up to 26 people offshore, the Nauti-Lady now operates half-day bottom fishing charters out of Brookings, and also is occasionally used for halibut, tuna or salmon trips. With plenty of seating, two onboard heads, or restrooms, and full-perimeter fishing, the Nauti-Lady provides a safe, comfortable ride to the fishing grounds. Its heavy-duty fiberglass hull is seaworthy and doesn't pound against swells or waves. One of the only large charter boats in Brookings with a "dry stack" the Nauti-Lady's design keeps diesel fumes away from its passengers. Equipped with the latest in fish-finding technology, marine radios and Coast Guard-approved safety equipment, the Nauti-Lady is ideal for larger groups, families with children, and customers who prefer to fish on a bigger boat. The Nauti-Lady is skippered by Capt. Andy. Deckhands include Ron, Sam, Michael and Jordan.

The Kraken

kraken boat

The newest addition to the Brookings Fishing Charters fleet, the Kraken is a 29-foot Armstrong Marine charter boat powered by twin 225 horsepower Yamaha outboards. A former charter boat in Newport, Oregon and Ilwaco, Wash., the Kraken is built for extreme fishing conditions. Capable of reaching nearly 50 mph and cruising at 30 mph, the Kraken can handle big water and get to the tuna or halibut grounds quickly. Its advanced electronics, auto pilot, insulated fish holds, and ultra heavy-duty design make it a favorite for tuna and halibut charters, and trips to the Point St. George Reef lighthouse. The Kraken is skippered by Capt. Michael, Capt. Sam and Capt. Andy.

The Dash

brookings offshore boat

The Dash is a 29-foot Alumaweld offshore charter boat owned and operated by Capt. Rye Phillips. One of the newest six-pack charter boats on the Oregon Coast, The Dash, also known as "Live The Dash," was custom built in 2019. It works exclusively out of the Brookings Fishing Charters office. Capt. Rye has operated charter boats in Oregon and Alaska for a decade, and targets everything from albacore tuna to king salmon to Pacific halibut out of Brookings. The Dash comfortable fishes six passengers and is one of the fastest charters boats on the Oregon Coast. Built by Alumaweld Boats in Eagle Point, Ore., The Dash was specifically designed for charters on the Oregon Coast and Southeast Alaska. It is powered by twin 150-horsepower Mercury Marine outboards. Like all of the charter boats running out of the Brookings Fishing Charters office, The Dash exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements for charter boats.

Since its arrival in Brookings, The Dash has become a favorite of anglers who like to fish the Point St. George Reef Lighthouse or venture offshore for Tuna. Capt. Mick is typically at the helm of The Dash, although Capt. Michael and Capt. Sam also run numerous trips a year on The Dash.

Papa B

papa b boat

The Papa B is a 29-foot Alumaweld Pacific owned and operated by Capt. Mike Brouillette. Designed for big water, the Papa B has a roomy cabin and enough space on the deck for six passengers. The Papa B arrived in Brookings in the summer of 2021, and replaced the original Papa B, Capt. Mike's first charter boat in Brookings. Customer built for use as an Oregon charter boat, the Papa B is the newest charter boat in the Brookings fleet. Capt. Mike specializes in lingcod and bottom fish, salmon, albacore tuna and halibut. Like the other boats that operate out of the Brookings Fishing Charters office, the Papa B has all the safety equipment required by the Coast Guard, as well as a radar and EPIRB. It is powered by a Volvo diesel and is one of the most efficient and fastest charter boats in the Brookings fleet.

Captains and Crew

Captain Andy

captain andy martin

Growing up in Brookings, Andy spent hundreds of days fishing on the ocean during his youth. His father worked the graveyard shift at a local plywood mill, and when he got off work in the morning, he would wake his children up and take them out on the family boat to fish for salmon, lingcod and bottom fish for a few hours each day. Capt. Andy learned to catch lingcod and salmon at an early age, and has been honing is skills since. Many of the old timers around the Port of Brookings knew Andy would grow up to be a fishing guide and charter boat captain, and Brookings Fishing Charters is his dream fulfilled.

After graduating from Brookings-Harbor High School, Andy earned his U.S. Coast Guard captain's license, and later became a full-time sportfishing guide and charter captain. Initially working as a newspaper reporter and editor, Andy changed careers and built his charter business in his hometown of Brookings. He spent a decade running halibut and salmon charters during the summers in the Gulf of Alaska and also guiding on the world-famous Kenia River, but now operates fishing charters year round in his hometown of Brookings. In Alaska, Andy guided anglers to halibut as big as 405 pounds, and regularly brought 200- to 300-pound halibut back to the docks.

Andy is well known among the local fishermen in Brookings as one of the top salmon, halibut and lingcod fishing guides on the coast. His customers often catch some of the biggest kings of the season, both in the ocean and while fishing the rivers during the winter. One of his customers caught a 58-pound king salmon while trolling near the Brookings jetties, while another holds the Chetco River salmon record, a 65-pounder caught in 2011.

Capt. Andy normally runs the Nauti-Lady, but also spends time at the helm of the Kraken or Miss Brooke. His daughter, Alexandra, works in the Brookings Fishing Charters booking office and tackle shop.

Captain Travis

Like Capt. Andy, Capt. Travis Sallander is a native of Brookings who has spent his entire life fishing on the Southern Oregon Coast. Travis is a full-time fishing guide and saltwater charter boat captain, with extensive experience in Oregon and Alaska. Andy and Travis grew up together in Brookings and have known each other, and fished together, since grade school. Travis captains the Miss Brooke and at times the Kraken. Travis earned his stripes guiding on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers in Alaska, as well as the Chetco River in Oregon. He spent several years deckhanding on the Brookings Fishing Charters boats before earning his U.S. Coast Guard near-coastal captain's license. Travis' favorite fisheries include the Point St. George Reef lighthouse, and trolling for salmon off the Oregon coast.

Captain Michael

Starting as a deckhand on the Miss Brooke, Michael McGahan worked for Brookings Fishing Charters for three years before earning his US Coast Guard captain's license. He now serves as captain of the Miss Brooke, Dash and Kraken. A customer favorite, Michael's enthusiasm for fishing is contagious. During the fall and winter, Michael is a river guide on the Chetco River. His father was a commercial fisherman in Fort Bragg, and Michael has been around the water and commercial and sport fishing boats his entire life. Michael has quickly become known for his ability to catch salmon in the ocean off of Brookings. He also is one of the top albacore tuna guides on the Oregon Coast.

Captain Rye

A pitcher for his college baseball team, Capt. Rye Phillips has guided and worked on charter boats full time since graduating from Western Oregon University 12 years ago. After several years of running six-pack charter boats in Southeast Alaska, Capt. Rye designed a charter boat specifically for the coastal waters out of Brookings, the 29-foot Dash. Prior to that, he ran charters out of Brookings in his guide sled, and quickly developed a reputation for finding big king salmon during the famous Chetco Bubble Season. While guiding in Alaska, one of his customers caught an unofficial world record halibut, a 482-pounder caught near Glacier Bay. The giant fish did not qualify for the IGFA record because it was harpooned and shot, and the angler needed help from others one the boat landing the fish. Capt. Rye is an albacore tuna specialist, and also runs charters for lingcod, rockfish, king salmon, Pacific and California halibut and crab out of Brookings. One of the largest halibut caught out of Brookings in recent memory, a 58-inch, 100-pound halibut, was caught with Capt. Rye in 2020.

Captain Mick

A longtime Northern California and Southern Oregon river guide, Mick Thomas joined the Brookings Fishing Charters team as the captain of The Dash. A native of Crescent City, California, Mick previously worked as a commercial fisherman during the summer months. With decades of experience fishing the Point St. George Reef between Brookings and Crescent City, Mick is known for his ability to get quick limits of rockfish and lingcod near the lighthouse. Never short of intriguing stories about local history or big fish tales from the ocean, Smith River, Klamath River and Chetco River, customers often request Mick. He ties his own bottom fishing flies, and is a light-tackle specialist. Mick is one of the most versatile captains in the fleet, often switching from lingcod and rockfish to salmon to halibut to albacore tuna. Mick's winter business, Lunker Fish Trips, is one of the most successful river guide businesses in the region.

Captain Sam

Capt. Sam Stover is a longtime Smith and Chetco river fishing guide, and lifelong angler on the Pacific Coast. He grew up in Crescent City, California, and has fished the Point St. George Reef for decades. Sam started work for Brookings Fishing Charters as a deckhand, and quickly advanced to captain. He occasionally works on the crew of the Nauti-Lady, but typically serves as captain of the Dash or Kraken. Sam has been very successful at catching salmon in the ocean off of Brookings. With extensive knowledge of Point St. George Reef, he also knows where to find trophy lingcod and rockfish.

Captain Shane

A river guide in Oregon and Alaska, Capt. Shane Brooks also works on the Brookings Fishing Charters boats, deckhanding on the Miss Brooke and guide sled. Never short of stories, Shane is a customer favorite. He also operates Chetco Estuary and Rogue Bay salmon charters. He grew up fishing in Oregon, Northern California and Alaska with his grandfather, and now works full time in the Sportfishing industry.

Captain Mike

Capt. Mike Brouillette owns and operates the Papa B. A former commercial albacore tuna fisherman, Capt. Mike also owned a catering business, is an accomplished barbecue chef, and worked in the grocery and meat business before focusing his full-time efforts on his Brookings-based charter boat. Capt. Mike is a customer favorite, not only because of his ability to get limits of lingcod, rockfish, salmon and crab, but also for his funny stories and jokes. Ensuring customers have a good time on the water is always a priority for Capt. Mike, aka "Old Dog." When not running fishing charters, Capt. Mike enjoys playing poker.