Lingcod and Rockfish Charters

Brookings known for calm water, big lings, abundant rockfish

Long known for its excellent rockfish and lingcod fishing, the Port of Brookings, Oregon, offers easy access to some of the best charter fishing on the entire West Coast. Because the jetties at the mouth of the Chetco River face due south, Brookings is protected from the northwest swell common on the Oregon Coast, making what is known as one of the safest bar crossing on the entire West Coast. The weather out of Brookings also is often much calmer than harbors to the north.

The lingcod and rockfish populations are thriving out of Brookings, and seldom-fished reefs are just minutes from the harbor. Lingcod come into shallow waters to spawn in March, April and May, producing excellent action for the great-tasting fish. Rockfish, also known as snapper, rockcod, sea bass and black bass, are caught year round. We also catch halibut, when in season, as well as cabezon.

Bottom fishing charters are especially popular because the fish are among the best-tasting for making fish and chips. Lingcod and rockcod have a firm, white flesh that is prized for its great taste and flavor.

brookings fishing charters

Brookings Fishing Charters use light tackle to catch rockfish and lingcod. Our boats are among the fastest in the Brookings charter fleet, meaning you spend less time travelling to the fishing grounds and much more time fishing. We also cater to smaller groups, which allows you to have a much more personalized experience. The Miss Brooke, a 29-foot heavy-gauge aluminum boat, is the only six pack charter in Brookings custom made to be a guided sportfishing vessel. It is designed to comfortably fish six anglers, get to the fishing grounds quickly, and provide a safe, fast ride.

Capt. Andy Martin of Brookings Fishing Charters has guided anglers for lingcod, rockfish, salmon and halibut in Oregon and Alaska and knows how to quickly find schools of fish, and get them to bite.

We fish for quality fish, large rockfish, limits of lingcod, using light tackle. The light tackle experience, and our willingness to travel to reefs that get less fishing pressure than those closest to the harbor, have made Brookings Fishing Charters one of the favorite fishing excursions on the Oregon Coast. We often fish near House Rock, Mack Arch and Whaleshead Island, areas that are beyond the range of some of the charters based in Brookings.

Rockfish trips generally run 4 to 5 hours.

Half-Day Ocean Bottom Fishing (4-5 Hours)

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Half-Day Ocean Bottom Fishing Trip $145

Our most popular trip, the half-day bottom fishing trip is 4 to 5 hours long. During this trip, which takes place in near-shore waters of the beautiful Brookings coastline, we typically catch Black Rockfish, Blue Rockfish, Canary Rockfish, Lingcod, Vermilion Rockfish, Cabezone, Sea Trout, China Rockcod, Quillback Rockfish and Copper Rockfish. We use light spinning tackle with shrimp flies or plastic grubs. Limits of rockfish are common. We also usually catch some lingcod on these trips. These trips take place in 50 to 120 feet of water, and usually occur somewhere between the harbor and Twin Rocks/Bird Island area. Price includes all bait and tackle and filleting and bagging of your catch. Price does not include fishing license.

6-Hour Targeted Lingcod and Rockfish Trip $175

This is the best trip if you want to target lingcod. While we catch plenty of lingcod on our half-day ocean bottom fishing trips, this 6-hour trip allows us to spend more time specifically targeting lingcod with a higher likelihood of limits of lingcod. We use large jigs or whole baits that lingcod have a difficult time resisting. During this trip, we have light spinning rods rigged up for catching rockfish, and another set of rods with slightly heavier gear rigged specially for lingcod. While all of the Brookings-based charter boats offer rockfish trips, this trip is the premier lingcod sportfishing trip out of Brookings. Aside from lingcod, we generally catch limits of Black, Blue, Canary, Vermilion, Copper and Quillback Rockfish during these trips. The 6-Hour Targeted Lingcod and Rockfish Trip takes place in 50 to 180 feet of water off the scenic Brookings coastline. This is the trip where will will fish as far north as Arch Rock and Mack Reef. Price includes all bait and tackle and filleting and bagging of your catch. Price does not include fishing license.

Long-Range Lighthouse Trip $225

Few anglers venture to the remote Point St. George Reef Lighthouse, located between Brookings, Oregon and Crescent City, California, making it one of the most productive fishing destinations on the West Coast. The seldom-fished waters on the edge of the Point St. George Reef offer unmatched lingcod and rockfish opportunities, often with much larger fish than the closer-in waters out of Brookings and Crescent City. Brookings Fishing Charters is now one of the few fishing charter companies making the excursion to the reef and lighthouse. The lighthouse is approximately 11 miles from Brookings, almost straight out from the harbor. The reef and best fishing is a little further, in what is known locally as the "Dragon Channel" a lingcod and trophy rockfish infested area of the reef. Swift currents, sudden depth changes, and an extremely rugged undersea terrain provide ideal habitat for big rockfish and lingcod. Oldtimers tell stories of lingcod between 50 and 70 pounds, and each season plenty of trophy lings are caught. To fish the lighthouse area from Brookings, anglers must possess Oregon and California fishing licenses. The fish are caught in California, but landed in Oregon. Only a limit legal in Oregon can be landed in Brookings, so the limit is seven rockfish and two lingcod. Cost is $225 for an eight-hour fishing trip to the lighthouse.

8-Hour Halibut Trip $300
This all-day trip is spent fishing deep water for Pacific halibut, which can reach up to 100 pounds off the coast of Brookings. Although halibut fishing out of the Port of Brookings is not as consistent as further up the Oregon Coast, the grade of halibut is better than average, with fish to 50 pounds often caught and halibut over 80 pounds caught every season. The halibut average around 20 pounds. Our six-pack charter boat captains have extensive Oregon and Alaska halibut fishing experience, and have a well-earned reputation for producing the best halibut catch rates out of the Port of Brookings. We also catch sand dabs and other flatfish during this trips. Minimum of four anglers to book this trip. Price includes all bait and tackle and filleting and bagging of your catch. Price does not include fishing license.

Rockfish and lingcod season is open year round. Anglers are allowed two lingcod at least 22 inches in length per day, and five rockfish per day. Blacks, blue and canary rockfish may be kept as part of the rockfish limit. Cabazon season begins July 1. Halibut season runs May 1-Oct. 31.