Do I need a reservation?

To ensure your spot on a charter, we always recommend reservations. You can call (541) 813-1082 with a credit card number to make a reservation by OR you can book online at www.brookingsfishing.com. If you would like to arrange a cash payment, please call the office for details. If you do not wish to secure your seat with a reservation, walk-ins will be taken if space is available.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, YOU MUST HAVE A VALID LICENSE (and tag if fishing for salmon or halibut) ON YOUR PERSON IN ORDER TO FISH. If you don't have a license, or are unable to present your license upon check-in, you must purchase a daily fishing licenses (includes harvest tag and shellfish license) at the office for $23. A California license also is needed for trips to the Point St. George Reef Lighthouse. Please show up 15-20 minutes prior to check in time if you will be purchasing a license the morning of your trip.

Do the boats have restrooms?

If you need a private restroom, called a "Head," we recommend the Nauti-Lady, which has two restrooms with flushing toilets and a sink. Our six-pack boats have porta-potties available, but no private restrooms.

What is the difference between six-pack and larger party boats?

Brookings Fishing Charters is one of the only charter companies in Oregon to run six-pack and larger party boats. Our six-packs are unique, as they were all custom built to be charter boats and are identical to the six-packs Capt. Andy and Capt. Rye used to run in Alaska. They are safe, fast and designed as sport fishing charter boats, powered with twin outboard motors and exceed all of the safety requirements of the US Coast Guard. We operate our six-packs with the same safety gear, including life rafts, radar and EPIRB, as the larger inspected party boats. The Nauti-Lady, meanwhile, is an inspected passenger vessel, which means it can carry more than six customers. A six-pack is restricted by law to six customers or less. While the six-packs are the fastest boats in the fleet, the Nauti-Lady has much more room to allow anglers to spread out. It has two enclosed restrooms on board, plenty of seating inside and outside of the cabin, and full-permitter fishing, allowing anglers plenty of space between rods. The Nauti-Lady also has a very comfortable, stable ride, popular for customers who want a gentle trip to the fishing grounds without rocking or being pounded by waves. We installed a new Cummins diesel engine in the Nauti-Lady in 2024, which makes it 80 percent quieter than the old Detroit Diesel longtime customers were familiar with. Our six-packs and inspected boats are top-notch, with the latest in marine electronics and fishing gear.

Why choose Brookings Fishing Charters?

Brookings Fishing Charters is a full-service sportfishing company that prides itself on top-quality service and premier fishing. Our captains are year-round fishing guides and charter boat captains, with decades of local experience. We are from Brookings and Crescent City, with deep roots in these communities. We use light tackle and are experts at targeting lingcod and halibut. We use gear, tackle and baits meant specifically for catching lingcod and halibut on our longer charters - not just rockfish with heavy gear in deep water. We understand the expense of getting to Brookings, taking time off work to travel, and purchasing a fishing charter. We want your experience to be a memorable, enjoyable time on the water with productive fishing, and our crew works hard to accomplish that. We are the only charter company in Brookings with daily trips for salmon, halibut, rockfish and lingcod, when in season, and our catch rates speak for themselves. Nobody is more successful at halibut, albacore tuna, ocean salmon and trophy lingcod out of our harbor than our crew. Most of our captains were born and raised here, and have at least two decades of full-time sportfishing guide and charter boat experience.

Should I take seasick medication?

If you think you are likely to get sick, you can take medication such as Dramamine or Bonine the night before the trip, and again in the morning at least 1 hr before your trip (follow dosing instructions on package). If you get carsick, you might want to consider taking this precaution. The most effective seasick medication seems to be "the patch" which is available by prescription only, so ask your doctor well in advance if you are interested in this option. The patch works best when put on the night before your trip.

Should I tip the crew?

If you enjoyed the trip and the service, tipping the deckhand is always appreciated! (15-20% is customary). On bottomfishing, salmon and halibut charters, we include filleting at no additional charge (most charter boats in Oregon, California and Alaska charge extra for this). Please keep that in mind when tipping your deckhand and captain.

Is smoking permitted onboard?

Smoking of Tobacco is allowed outside only as long as it isn't bothering other guests. As a courtesy to non-smoking guests, please smoke downwind or near the stern of the vessel while underway. If the smoke is bothering other guests, the captain or crew may ask you to discontinue. Marijuana is not allowed in any form on our vessels.

Is alcohol permitted onboard?

Beer, wine, or wine coolers are allowed onboard in reasonable amounts. Liquor is not allowed. Please limit your intake to 1 or 2 drinks while onboard. Drunkenness is not permitted at any time during a trip, and if a passenger exhibits signs, the captain may instruct the passenger to remain seated inside for the remainder of the trip (for the safety of all guests and crew). Refunds will not be given in this situation.

What if our trip is cancelled due to weather or ocean conditions?

Our fishing trips are occasionally cancelled due to rough or unsafe sea conditions. We understand that some guests are travelling 8 hours or more to fish with us, and we apologize for any inconvenience - but our primary concern is the safety of our passengers and crew. While we will do our best to contact all passengers at least one day before a trip is cancelled, we cannot always be certain until that morning. In the event that the ocean or bar conditions are deemed unsafe or too rough by the Captain, every effort will be made to accommodate guests on a different day or provide a full refund.

What should I wear?

The weather is always cooler on the water, and this is Oregon - so it is best to be prepared! We recommend dressing in layers with a warm jacket, and bringing a hat and gloves just in case. Though not always necessary, you may want to bring waterproof jackets/pants and rain-boots if you have them.

Can I bring a cooler?

Please feel free to bring small coolers with your food and beverages on board. If you brought an empty cooler to take your fish home, you may leave it in your vehicle. There will be plenty of time to retrieve it before you pick up your filleted fish.

Do I still have to pay if the fishing is slow?

We work hard everyday to get customers into the best fishing possible. Sometimes, because of weather conditions, small tides, or other factors, the fish just don't cooperate. We work hard to get limits, but don't guarantee them. This is fishing. We don't charge more when the fishing is epic, and we don't discount our prices because of a slow day. We promise our crew will work hard to get you into the best fishing possible.

The ocean looks calm, but you canceled.

Safety of our passengers, crew and boats is top priority. Catching a fish is not worth getting injured or worse. We will not risk your safety during rough ocean conditions. The ocean may look calm from the beach, but once you get past the jetties, or around the corner, it is often a much different picture. We use the latest weather forecasts and advice from the Coast Guard in deciding if we will run or cancel during questionable weather.