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Rockfish and Sausage Stew

While fish tacos and fish and chips have long been a favorite way to enjoy the tasty rockfish caught aboard our fishing charters, Rockfish and Sausage Stew is a delicious meal that is great any time of the year. This recipe is easy, quick, and will leave your family or guests wanting a second helping. … Continue reading “Rockfish and Sausage Stew”

Salmon chowder easy and delicious

The thrill of catching hard-fighting king and coho salmon is a top draw to the Oregon Coast. Salmon also are highly prized because they are so delicious to eat. Whether grilled, baked or smoked, salmon are one of the most popular fish to eat. They also make great chowder. Capt. Andy Martin of Brookings Fishing … Continue reading “Salmon chowder easy and delicious”

Cioppino great way to enjoy rockfish, crab

One of the most delicious ways to enjoy Oregon Coast rockfish and crab is in a bowl of cioppino, a seafood stew with a rich history on the Pacific coastline. Cioppino originated with the Italian immigrants in the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1800s. From its humble beginnings, the tomato- and wine-based seafood … Continue reading “Cioppino great way to enjoy rockfish, crab”

Panko breaded fish easy and delicious

One of the easier and quicker ways to prepare rockfish or lingcod fillets is coating them with panko bread crumbs and frying with a small amount of oil. Delicious, with a crunchy coating, this is a standby recipe for many Oregon Coast anglers. Pour enough oil into a skillet to completely cover the bottom. Heat … Continue reading “Panko breaded fish easy and delicious”

Enjoy albacore tuna year round with these simple recipes

Aside from the thrill of catching them, the great thing about an Oregon Coast albacore tuna trip is the mountain of fillets anglers end up when they get back to the docks. An albacore trip will yield an immense amount of prime fish, which is best enjoyed fresh, and canned for meals later in the … Continue reading “Enjoy albacore tuna year round with these simple recipes”

Sweet Chili Smoked Rockfish

A few weeks ago, frequent customer Glenn Thill brought some smoked rockfish on the boat that was great: sweet, not too dry, good flavor. You wanted another piece after trying it. Glenn shared the ingredients with Capt. Andy, who tried a few versions before settling on this recipe. 1 cup Yoshida’s original sweet teriyaki sauce1 … Continue reading “Sweet Chili Smoked Rockfish”

Easy, delicious rockfish chowder recipe

A great way to enjoy fresh or frozen Oregon Coast rockfish, especially on a cold, rainy or foggy day, is rockfish chowder. The fillets from a couple of rockfish will yield enough chowder for your entire family, or for a feast to enjoy with friends and neighbors, double the recipe. Here is Capt. Andy’s favorite … Continue reading “Easy, delicious rockfish chowder recipe”

Oregon Coast fish taco recipe

We are huge fans of fish tacos, and like to share our favorite recipe with customers. Here is a quick and delicious way to prepare fish tacos with Oregon Coast rockfish or lingcod.

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